Hi…Welcome to Designs by Samra jewelry blog!

I’m Samra Beechler, an artist and jewelry designer based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

I use time-honored, traditional silversmithing methods passed down from others through class room settings, webinars, you-tube, books and trial and error.  At present, I specialize in sterling silver, copper, bronze and aluminum jewelry pieces. Some pieces have been sawn, sanded, forged, annealed, soldered and polished. Other pieces have been hand-stamped, hammered, shaped and colored. All of the rings I create are completely constructed by hand using my own bezel settings for cabochon stone rings.

I have appreciated learning from others who have gone before me.  In turn, I hope to have the opportunity to encourage new jewelry artists to continue to improve their craft while sharing what they’re learned.  As you learn, feel free to pass on your creations with friends and family.  They will enjoy a handmade gift and you will benefit from the process of learning.  Over time, you will find your own creativity expressed in ways you never thought possible!

Check back often for DIY tutorials on fun and easy jewelry making projects.

Hope to see you soon!

Sam  🙂


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