LOVE this pickle!

Do you like pickles? No, not the ones you like to eat with your ham sandwich. The easy-on-the-earth-we-live-on pickle! This pickle cleans off fire-scale* from your metal jewelry.

I was quite cautious about using a caustic pickle mixture. Everything I read about it was HORRID! I didn’t want to worry about getting it on my skin, in my eyes and on my jewelry making bench. So, I just kept on researching and found a really great ‘natural’ pickle. I have used it for a couple of weeks and it works wonderfully! The fire-scale is cleaned off nicely and doesn’t harm anything that I value! The recipe is at the end of this post, if you’d like to try it.

I bought a little, used crock pot to heat the pickle mixture. It seems to work better warmed up a bit. I leave the metal in the pickle for about 15 minutes. Then, I turn off the crock pot and remove the metal piece using popsicle sticks. I then rinse and dry the metal and prepare it for the next step…whatever that might be.

The BEST part is that I’m not involved in harming the planet. That makes my heart happy! (Wouldn’t that make a cute stamped disc? A little smiling planet…sign!)

Hope you have a really nice evening!

Natural Pickle Recipe

About one cup of White wine vinegar to one teaspoon of iodized or kosher salt or slightly more, if required.   Should be used warm for best results.  I have personally used it on copper and sterling silver only.  Please be advised to dispose of responsibly.  Due to the possible metal content, pour into plastic container, label, then take to your community land fill.  There should be persons on site to help you.